Hole centers on 27 year old Jane Nowak who is forced to confront her tumultuous past when the ghost of her childhood best friend/rival Asenath "Nat" White begins to torment her. As the haunting takes its toll on Jane, forcing her deeper into a spiral that affects her performance at her job and tanking her mental health, she must relive the trauma of what happened between her and Nat in high school and the bodies left in their wake.

A horror webcomic with a sapphic bent, and not the other way around, readers are encouraged to check out the content guide for warnings if there are any topics they're particularly sensitive about, as it is updated at the start of every chapter. That said, this comic does deal with concepts of death and abuse pretty heavily, and features some pretty graphic depictions of gore and violence.

Updates Mondays.

See updates a week early on the Patreon, as well as behind the scenes content at the end of each chapter. Update notifications go out primarily via the RSS (here is a guide if you're new to them!) but Cori also posts social media updates to their Twitter, Bluesky, Tumblr, Cohost, and Instagram.

Cori Walters is a lesbian cartoonist, perhaps quite obviously born in Central Florida in 1992, who now resides in Oklahoma with their partner, their cat Bobby, and their dog Princess. When not drawing girls yelling at each other they enjoy playing video games from the mid-00s and complaining about things.

Special thanks to Bismuth Hoban, Mark Bouchard, Adam V Massimiano, E. Nelke, and Paloma Hernando for helping me get this thing to a presentable state, to Lee for providing insight on how butchery even works, to my high school friends for being powerless to stop me from mining our pasts for content, to my baby brother Nate Walters for all his help in telling me when I do things bad, and to my wonderful partner in all things Harmony for putting up with all the rewrites and telling me when my ideas are stupid and encouraging me to sink as much time as I have into this beast of a comic.