Jane Nowak.
Age: 27 (present) / 17 (past).

Neurotic and ambivalent, Jane just can't get her life together--though admittedly she isn't thinking about it too hard. She's currently working as a butcher and living with her cat Vincent.

Jane was no less anxious as a teenager, but there was a time she hadn't lost her faith in a better future.

Formerly best friends with Nat.

Nat's Ghost.
Age: ???

Why is Nat back?

Asenath "Nat" White.
Age: 17 (past).

Mean girl, cautionary tale, and former aspiring filmmaker.

Formerly best friends with Jane.

Amber Laverne.
Age: 17 (past).

An emo scene queen with a short temper and studded belts of every color.

Formerly pretty close with Jane, though her relationship with Nat was always a bit strained.

Mr. Hawthorn.
Age: 33 (past).

Kindly creative writing teacher. Really wants Jane to succeed.

The Boss.
Age: 64 (present).

Owner of the Super Massive Meat butchershop where Jane works. Kind of a hardass. Loves him a tropical print shirt.

Age: 41 (present).

Assistant to the Boss at Super Massive Meat and a huge sycophant. Refuses to let go of his polo shirts and skinny jeans ensemble he's been wearing since college.

Age: 25 (present).

Butcher at Super Massive Meat who is only kind of stealth about being a furry. The only one here having a good time.

Age: 33 (present).

Jane's next-door neighbor and tropical plant enthusiast. She insists she's everyone's dad friend but she's definitely a mom friend.

Natasha "Tasha" White.
Age: 59 (present) / 49 (past).

She's trying to keep her spirits up but it doesn't seem like it's working.

In the past she was Nat's mom and was no less unhappy with her life, but she was a lot drunker about it. At least she took it out on her daughter less than her husband did.

Harvey White.
Age: 52 (past).

An abusive alcoholic who was also Nat's father. A man who is barely coping with his own life and will lash out at anyone and anything he can reach.