Jane Nowak.
Age: 27 (present) / 17 (past).

Neurotic and ambivalent, Jane just can't get her life together--though admittedly she isn't thinking about it too hard. She's currently working as a butcher and living with her cat Vincent.

Jane was no less anxious as a teenager, but there was a time she hadn't lost her faith in a better future.

Formerly best friends with Nat.

Nat's Ghost.
Age: ???

Why is Nat back?

Asenath "Nat" White.
Age: 17 (past).

Mean girl, cautionary tale, and former aspiring filmmaker.

Formerly best friends with Jane.

Mr. Hawthorn.
Age: 33 (past).

Kindly creative writing teacher. Really wants Jane to succeed.

The Boss.
Age: 64 (present).

Owner of the Super Massive Meat butchershop where Jane works. Kind of a hardass. Loves him a tropical print shirt.

Age: 41 (present).

Assistant to the Boss at Super Massive Meat and a huge sycophant. Refuses to let go of his polo shirts and skinny jeans ensemble he's been wearing since college.

Age: 25 (present).

Butcher at Super Massive Meat who is only kind of stealth about being a furry. The only one here having a good time.

Age: 33 (present).

Jane's next-door neighbor and tropical plant enthusiast. She insists she's everyone's dad friend but she's definitely a mom friend.

Natasha "Tasha" White.
Age: 59 (present).

She's trying to keep her spirits up but it doesn't seem like it's working.